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so i have a new student and he's new to the country and does not know… - The Urban Experience [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 9th, 2008|05:40 pm]
so i have a new student and he's new to the country and does not know any enlgish. he's in the middle years 6-8.

let me clarify, he can say the alphabet and name a few objects and that's about it.

where do i start with him?

sounds? phoneme work? alphabet books? or making alphabet books?

do i read books aloud to him? I know dual language books would be helpful, but how can he respond to it if he doesn't know the words to use?
seems like a catch 22 to me.
use read aloud books on a tape casseettte?

but how do i get him started on writing? he wants to write, but when given the chance writes very little.
doesn't like copying things either.
how to learn how to read and write and communicate in awhole new language.

I've given his teacher some scribed work for him to work on like a journal.. with a very simple format and then some books for him to make.. but that's about it.

i know that i can't teach language seperately and that it has to be in context.

thankfully, i have a dual language dictionary.. it will come in usueful.. somewhat anywyas.

i just need to get organized and have a good flow / program
days for writing
days for reading
and days for oral communication